Say hello to Coca-Cola’s new can designs

Leah Cohen

Say goodbye to the silver Diet Coke can, Coke Zero’s black can and Coca-Cola Life's green can.

In an attempt to create a more unified look, the soft drink giant announced this week they will be altering the designs of these cans.

The new and unified Coke can designs. Photo: Instagram

The new makeover looks something like a melded version of the old design with the classic red Coke can.

"These new packaging designs signal a shift in our visual language in which the classic Red Disc is more prominent than other elements associated with the brand," the brand's VP of global design, James Somerville said in an article about the changes.

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Coca-Cola's revamped cans will first be rolling out in Mexico next month, then will gradually make their way across the globe over the next two years.

The unification of the brand through design comes after Diet Coke sales slipped six per cent last year, while original Coke sales grew one per cent.

All Coke products will feature the iconic Red Disk design. Photo:

As well, consumers are increasingly becoming health-conscious and as a result, are ditching sugary soft drinks.

The brand’s revisited can designs and new campaign, "Taste the feeling,” aim to spur sales once again and are just the start of Coke’s new "one-brand" strategy.

What do you think of the new Coca-Cola cans?

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