Comedy trio release 'Thrush' music video

Eliza Velk

It’s something many of us have experienced yet don’t like to talk about, but as comedy trio SketchShe say in their most recent music video, why the hush, it’s just thrush?

The Australian comedy trio featuring, Shae-Lee Shackleford, Madison Lloyd and Lana Kington have teamed up with treatment brand Canesten to bring a little light-hearted fun to the uncomfortable topic of thrush for their new campaign.

The campaign, which centres on a musical clip about thrush, aims to reduce the stigma and embarrassment surrounding the condition that is caused from a yeast infection around women's genitalia.

Because why should us women be embarrassed? In reality, insights reveal that 75% of women experience thrush at least once in their lives.

Teaming up with Canesten comedy trio SketchShe have created a music video to help alleviate the stigma attached to the womens health condition thrush. Source: Youtube: SketchShe
SketchShe trio is made up of Shae-Lee Shackleford, Madison Lloyd and Lana Kington. Source: Getty

Brand manager for Canesten, Stephanie Weschke revealed the campaign is about empowering women to feel confident about their intimate health and wellbeing.

"While it can be embarrassing to talk about, the collaboration on Thrush: The Musical with SketchShe is an exciting avenue for us to open up the conversation and help women suffering feel less alone,” she said to Mumbrella.

The musical sees the SketchShe girls take on the role of flight attendants for ‘SketchShe Airlines’ and through song and dance, reassure a female passenger who is embarrassed about needing to take her thrush medication.

The SketchShe girls take on the task of reassuring this female passenger about it. Source: Youtube / SketchShe

"Oh is that all you're worried about? Girl we got you," the attendants start off saying before breaking into the chorus that goes:

"Many of us get thrush, so why the hush?

We want you feelin’ fine on StetchShe Airlines

No reason for it to be taboo

Yeah, it’s just a case of thrush in your coochie coo!"

The humorous music video even featured a rap section and can be watched in on SketchShe's Youtube page with over 1 million subscribers.

The music video even featured a rap section. Source: Youtube: SketchShe

So here's to great campaign supporting women's empowerment and alleviating social stigmas.

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