Concerns over Donald Trump’s daily diet

Allison Yee

As President of the United States, Donald Trump has an army of five personal chefs, ready and waiting to slave away in the kitchen to cater to his every dietary need.

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Instead, the POTUS’ favourite foods have been revealed – and it hasn’t left experts impressed.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Trump eats “like a teenage boy”, indulging in fast food – he celebrated with a Big Mac and fries after he won the Republican presidential nomination - and knocking back cans of Diet Coke.

Trump is a big fan of junk food, saying

By all accounts, he’s not a huge fan of breakfast, but if he does eat it, it’s cornflakes, or a plate of bacon and eggs.

"[Bacon is] a processed pork product, which has been linked with cancer, so his risk of developing the disease will go up," nutritionist Jo Travers tells Popsugar US.

Trump's butler has revealed the POTUS likes his steak so thoroughly cooked it's like

While the POTUS might work through lunch, he’s admitted his “big thing is dinner” with a fondness for two servings of pasta, meatloaf, or an extremely well-done steak.

Nutritionists claim this kind of high-fat, low nutrient diet not only impacts the POTUS physically, but mentally as well.

"His body will substitute with other types of fats, which are less fluid, making it harder for neuro transmitters to get through," Jo says. "This is linked to mood disorders."

Just a little bit different to super disciplined Barack Obama's famous 'seven lightly salted almonds' as a nightly treat!

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