Conspiracy theorists spot ‘UFO’ flying past Tesla car in space

Kristine Tarbert

Eagle-eyed 'truthers' have spotted a tiny object in the footage of Elon Musk’s Tesla car, which was launched into space, and conspiracy theorists are calling ‘aliens’.

Millions watched on as the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket was launched this week, but some were distracted by an unidentified object flying past in the background.

“My thought was a trans atmospheric skip vehicle, but I could just be hopeful,” one believer wrote online, according to the Daily Star.

Can you spot the tiny object in the background? Photo: Youtube

“Is that aliens!!! What is this,” another asked.

The Falcon Heavy was accompanied to the sounds of David Bowie's Space Oddity as it was launched from the same pad used by NASA nearly 50 years ago to send men to the moon.

A mannequin dressed as a race driver sits in the driver’s seat of one of billionaire Musk's electric sports cars, which is now orbiting in space and beaming footage back to earth.

Truthers believe it is a UFO. Photo: Youtube

That in itself is a bizarre sight.

And while some were calling on the ‘UFO’ to be investigated, given it was flying directly past Earth, others weren’t convinced.

Most believed it was simply space debris, or it could be a satellite.

It’s probably a satellite.

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