Conspiracy theorists think they've spotted a UFO cover up

Bianca Soldani

There are certain people you find on the Internet who think everything is a cover-up or conspiracy, but the latest video to be called out is raising eyebrows.

This footage taken from the International Space Station’s live stream is being circulated on YouTube because at one point an astronaut’s hand is seeing moving into the shot and obscuring the view.

While it seems like a perfectly innocent occurrence, doubters are claiming that it was anything but, and the astronaut was actually deliberately covering the camera so we wouldn’t see an alien spacecraft fly off in the background.

They notice a white flash of light seconds before a hand moves into the shot. Photo: YouTube

Crazy we know, but the ‘proof’ that is supposed to support this claim is even more farfetched.

If you watch the footage closely, a tiny and very faint white dot appears in the distance before the hand moves to block the view.

It’s being claimed that the light is an alien spacecraft that “changes direction before emitting a white glow and shooting off at high speed”, however it seems more likely that it’s simply a star, piece of space debris, fireball or even a glitch.

However Mary Rodwell, founder of the Australian Close Encounter Research Centre, disagrees, and tells Be that the light in the video has "the qualities of what can be called a UFO".

The hand conveniently obscures any further vision of the flashing light. Photo YouTube

"It's certainly not a star as that would not disappear in that amount of time," she says, "I have to agree that it does appear as if the astronaut observes the 'light' object and does their best to hide the object with their hand."

"You need to look closely at the light and then the blast of light as it moves away. This is very typical of these objects [UFOs] - the light/object moves and with speed."

She goes on to say she believes the footage seems 'credible' as "The astronaut who puts the hand in the way prevents you seeing anything until it leaves."

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