Constance Hall hits out at lunchbox shaming

Allison Yee

She’s got six kids to get to school, so when mummy blogger Constance Hall ran out of food for her five-year-old son Arlo to take to pre-primary school, she had to make do with what she could.

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Speaking on her radio show The Queen Sesh, Constance reveals she hadn’t done any lunch prep the night before, so had to buy recess for Arlo as they only deliver lunch.

The mummy blogger hit out after being shamed by her son's school. Photo: Instagram

“That limits what I can buy him,” she said. “I can’t get him a cheesy or a sausage roll… they won’t make him a sandwich, I’ve got to grab it then. It’s just like refrigerated goods basically.”

“I thought choc milk might be good because it will line his tummy if he’s only having yoghurt.”

When Constance arrived at Arlo’s school, her little five-year-old sadly told his mum he wished she hadn't bought chocolate milk as the teachers refused to let him drink it until lunch time because they didn’t think it was healthy enough.

Constance is mum to her four kids, as well as her fiance's two sons. Photo: Instagram

“I felt really embarrassed,” said Constance, before adding she then felt outraged as she'd been buying Arlo that recess for months, and hadn’t been told before then that this was the case.

“There are people like me who work full time and have six children that just sort of need things to go smoothly,’ she added.

And you thought your lunchbox prep was manic... Photo: Instagram

“There's other mothers who can’t even afford to do lunch orders and then for them to get shamed about what they’re giving their kid for recess, I just don’t like it. I don’t like the whole thing. It feels icky to me.”

Admitting she’s a pretty confident mum now, Constance, who has four children of her own, as well as helping to take care of her fiancé Denim Cooke’s two sons, claimed it could be a very different situation if this had happened when she was “at her lowest” and getting her head around having young babies and not being able to get to the supermarket.

Life is crazy for Constance and her fiance Denim, but she admits she's in a good, confident parenting place. Photo: Instagram

“I would have burst into tears and gone straight to my psychologist and hyperventilated the whole way there,” she said.

The mum-of-six didn’t end up emailing the principal because she didn’t want to be “petty” but after being encouraged by her radio co-host Anneliese Dent, changed her tune.

“Power to the people! Let them drink milk!” laughed Constance.

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