Constance Hall pregnant with ‘baby number 7’

Sarah Carty

Mummy blogger Constance Hall has revealed she is pregnant with her fifth child and she doesn’t know how it “slipped through”.

The baby, which is due in June, has already affectionately been called “baby number 7” because the 33-year-old mum already has four kids and her partner, Denim Cooke, has two.

Hall took to her Facebook page to make the shock announcement, stating that the “commune is welcoming another baby”.

Mummy blogger Constance Hall has revealed she's expecting a baby in June. Photo: Instagram
This will be her fifth child and a third child for her partner, Denim Cooke. Photo: Instgaram

“We have no idea how it slipped through,” she started the post.

“We tried everything, on and off bouts of the pill (until it flared my colitis too much) withdrawal, morning after pills.

“We actually have no idea how this baby slipped through. But it did.”

Hall went on to say that she thinks she’s about eight weeks along at the moment but claims she hasn’t seen a doctor yet.

“We are not ready for this and I am petrified, babies terrify me. But are we happy? Pigs in s**t,” she continued.

Hall and Cooke got engaged in April, just after she split with her husband, Bill Mahon. Photo: Instagram
Hall is already a mother to four kids and Cooke has two. Photo: Instagram

Hall also stated in the post that she considered having an abortion that morning because her partner, who she calls Densy, had slept in.

“However I love this mother f****r, with every inch of my bloated body, we are our kids biggest fans and we don't see the harm in putting a new little soul right in the middle of it all,” she wrote.

“Expect complaining.. a lot of complaining. Baby number 7 is due sometime around June.”

Hall and Denim Cooke got engaged in April, just after she split from her husband Bill Mahon.

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