Constance Hall hits out at shopping trolley shamers

Sarah Carty

Constance Hall has been slammed online after posting a picture of her shopping trolley.

The mummy blogger, took to Facebook to share the image of her daughter sitting in the trolley with her 1.7 million followers.

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Constance was intending to show how hard it is to do anything alone without your kids – even going grocery shopping – however some of her followers were looking at something else completely.

Mummy blogger Constance Hall has been shamed for posting this photo of her shopping trolley on Facebook. Photo: Facebook

“Me ‘going to Woolies, got a lot to buy so no kids are coming’, 

“Snow ‘cool story’,” she wrote online.

However people immediately began to analyze the contents of the trolley, which included yoghurts, instant noodles and cereal.

While the bad comments seem to have Constance hit back straight away, putting the haters back in their place.

“The bananas and celery and carrots and potatoes and onions and garlic and mandarins and apples aren't visible in this picture- wasn't thinking about trolley angles,” she wrote on the Facebook comments.

Constance hit back at shamers saying she buys a lot of fresh fruit and veg. Photo: Facebook

“I also buy a lot of fruit from the markets and Denims mum is bringing us fresh fruit from her trees today. Should I post the receipt?”

Fans of Constance’s quickly came to her defense, with many claiming they see nothing wrong with what she buys in the supermarket.

“I actually don't see anything at all wrong with the choices of food you have put in the trolley,” one person said.

“Why do people think it's ok to judge so badly? Why are mums all of a sudden the best mum in the world and know more than any other mum in the world? Like whyyyyy?”

“Can't see any issues with anything in your trolley!!,” another person said.

“ I used to get all my veggies and fruit delivered from a local green grocer so I only really went to the supermarket for the other stuff - and yeah I felt judged quite often.

“So much so I'd talk to myself like "so yeah, fruit and vegetables getting delivered later so I think I have everything!"

“Your kids look healthy and happy!! You feed them whatever you bloody want!!! I bought frozen veg the other week am I a f*****g bad mum now too?” another woman said.

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