Constance Hall trolled after marriage split

Aletha Wilkinson

In the space of 18 months, Constance Hall has gone from being a small-time mummy blogger to a global sensation, thanks to her straight-shooting, no-holds-barred writings about the ups and downs of life with kids.

Since she let her readers know about splitting from her husband Bill Mahon, though, the WA blogger says she's been inundated by online trolling and hate mail.

Constance Hall has received hate mail and abuse since splitting from her husband. Source: Instagram

“I just have so many haters out there. I have hate groups with 2000 members,” she told Perth Now.

“Recently they have printed out photos and stuck them all over Perth saying, ‘Vote 1 for Constance to be voted a s--- parent’ or something like that. It gets really, really nasty.

"I find myself just rocking in the corners going, ‘They are going to win’. These people are obsessed with me."

Hall with one of her four kids. Source: Instagram

With several of her posts dealing in messy bodily functions and descriptions of her "minge", Hall has frequently been accused of oversharing.

The blog post addressing her marriage breakdown was measured and overtly tried to play fair. "Only Bill and I will know the full reasons, the ups and downs, the way we felt about each other and eventually the way we made each other feel about ourselves," Hall wrote. "He is the dad of my four kids. I love him with every inch of me and I know he feels the same way about me."

Hours after it was published, though, Mahon took to Facebook, publicly accusing his wife of cheating.

Hall responded to defend herself.

"Someone has obviously turned and I am being forced to defend my position," she wrote.

"I wanted to keep things kind and respectful in the public eye, to protect my children and even to protect Bill, but there comes a time where I need to protect myself too.

"From past experiences with breaking up with Bill I can expect more lies and public slander. I never wanted it to get here."

Hall wearing adult nappies in a recent Instagram pic. Source: Instagram

Since then, the online hatred and abuse has escalated, Hall says.

“I just don’t understand why the public looks at women as calculating and manipulative whereas the men are always these easily played victims,” she said.

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