Could this be beauty's version of the ice bucket challenge?

Michelle Ruzzene

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Jemima Khan kicked off the campaign with her goofy selfie. Photo:

The latest craze to hit the internet for charity is thankfully warmer - and a lot more relaxing - than the ice bucket challenge.

The crusade involves makeup free selfies – but this time from the under the doona.

Celebrities have been posting pictures of themselves lying comfortably in bed for the campaign immediately after they have woken up with the hashtag #wakeupcall.

So far Naomi Campbell, Jemima Khan, Nigella Lawson and Daisy Lowe are just some of the Hollywood stars that have snapped their selfie from under the sheets for the Unicef campaign, which aims to raise money for children in war-torn Syria.

Of course, they all look as gorgeous as ever, despite the fact they are sans makeup and sleepy-eyed.

Naomi Campbell's stunning shot immediately after she woke up. Photo:

As part of the campaign, each person must then nominate three others to do the same.

Khan, who is a Unicef ambassador, kicked off the campaign with her goofy selfie before nominating singer Lily Allen, ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant and Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson.

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Earlier this year a similar campaign ran, with the #NoMakeUpSelfie craze raising millions for cancer research.

It was followed by the hugely popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised funds for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as motor neurone disease.