Contestant spells out rude word on air

Sarah Carty

We may all spell out rude words when we’re playing scrabble at home with our mates, but these TV contestants decided to do it on air.

British Channel 4 TV show Countdown, which is a show that involves number puzzles and word jumbles, had a very awkward moment this week when one of the contestants read out a slang term.

Adrian Chiles and Suzi Dent, who sit in the dictionary corner on the show, were thrilled with themselves when they managed to get an eight-letter word out of the jumbled-up letters.

However, the term they found was actually ‘Gobshite’, which is a slang word for a foolish person, usually used in Ireland and the UK.

A contestant spelled out a very rude word on Countdown. Photo: Channel 4
The awkward word was displayed on the screen. Photo: Countdown

"We’ve got an eight for you, and I didn’t think of it, so I’m going to hand over to Suzi to tell us what it is,” Adrian said, before Suzi read out the word.

"Well, it's vulgar slang so you have to be careful, but it means stupid or ignorant person,” she said.

It comes just months after a contestant taking part in Countdown, caused a ruckus when she spelled out the word ‘vaginas’ from the mixture of letters on the board.

Co-host Rachel Riley couldn’t contain herself and burst out in laughter after putting the word on the board for all to see.

Rachel started off by picking out consonants and vowels for the contestants, then giving them 30-seconds to figure out a word.

The word is a slang word for a stupid people. Photo: Channel 4

Then host Nick Hewer stopped them and asked them to call out what they had come up with.

After the contestant called out her ‘vaginas’ answer, Dictionary Corner guest Jimmy Osmond said: “I think that about does it.”

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