Bride walks down the aisle to sex noises booming over the PA

Sarah Carty

A spanner was thrown in this bride and groom’s wedding day in the form of a very awkward PA mishap.

In the video above, you can see the bride, all dressed in white, on the arm of her father, walking up the aisle to greet the man she loves.

Felix Mendelssohn's wedding march sets the tone of the day, with the orchestral tune ringing out, leaving not a dry eye in the church.

The awkward moment a bride walked down the aisle to sex noises has been revealed. Photo: Australscope

And then, just as the bride is about to reach the alter, suddenly the music cuts out and a woman can be heard grunting and groaning.

It appears that the song had been cut short to play a very amorous sex scene, with the bride looking absolutely livid at the surpise.

To make matters even worse, the incredibly awkward moment was immediately followed by the bride’s father having to leave her at the alter and take the hand of the groom.

While it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not it was the groom who picked out the song, he certainly looking guilty in this video, holding his hands up to his face in pure disbelief.

The groom was obviously mortified. Photo: Australscope

According to The Mirror, the couple had actually decided to download the wedding march to try to save costs on hiring a church choir.

However, it seems neither of them took the time to actually listen to the download the whole way through.

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