The craziest foods at The Easter Show

Matthew Kelly

Gone are the days when hot dogs and beef burgers where the only thing on the menu at carnivals and festivals.

This year, The Sydney Royal Easter Show has spared no expense in hosting an epic range of food mashups; from fairy floss burritos to spaghetti bun burgers – as soon as we heard about these crazy foods we knew we had to check them out.

Here is a little breakdown of the all the luxe food offerings, to help you plan out how you’re going to tackle all the food trucks. Check them out in the video above.

Deep-fried Oreos

Deep-fried Oreos are making waves at this year’s show.

Covered in a thick layer of pancake batter and dipped in boiling oil, the chocolate biscuits turn into a gooey sensation you won’t be able to resist.

Deep-fried oreos are covered in a layer of pancake batter. Source: Be

If you’re doing a cleanse or the F45 challenge, this dessert will definitely break your daily calorie allowance…. but YOLO.

The Fairy Floss Burrito

Do you have a sweet tooth? A Fairy Floss Burrito is what you’ve been craving your entire life.

The Fairy Floss Burrito is the ultimate dessert. Source: Be

Inside the fairy floss shell lies a mixture of ice cream, fruit loops (AKA the world’s best cereal) and hundreds and thousands.

Prepare for the biggest sugar high of your life, parents you might want to give your little ones a half or quarter serve.

The Spaghetti-bun Burger

Carb lovers you’re going to rejoice. The Spaghetti-bun Burger is the newest way to get bulk.

Containing a juicy beef patty, tomato relish and fresh cheese, topped with a burger bun that is purely made out of spaghetti.

The Spaghetti- bun Burger is every carb lovers dream. Source: Be

Your Instagram feed is going to be lit after uploading a picture of this.

Deep-fried Cheesecake

The Deep-fried Cheesecake is honestly what dreams are made of (or nightmares for your personal trainer).

Covered in a thick layer of pancake batter, the sweet dessert is definitely the perfect cheat meal.

The Deep-fried cheesecake is definitely not suitable for those who're doing the F45 challenge. Source: Be


Layered in a rich creamy caramel sauce, Stroopwafel’s are making a storm at this year’s show.

The mouthwatering waffles are served in a cone, allowing you to multitask eating and show bag collecting.

Stroopwafels are a popular choice at this year's show. Source: Be

Deep-fried Lasagna

Deep-fried Lasagna is perfect for those who’re needing a break from all those sweet desserts.

Battered with a boat load of breadcrumbs, when we took our first bite we thought we had been teleported to heaven, the rich tomato sauce is seriously magical.

The deep-fried lasagnas perfect for those who’re needing a break from all those sweet desserts. Source: Be

2ft Hot Dog

This final dish isn’t for the light hearted. Introducing the 2ft Hot Dog, filled with a the biggest frankfurt we’ve ever seen, an abundance of cheese and sauerkraut; your eating game will be put to the ultimate test.

When had major nerves when trying to tackle the 2ft Hot Dog. Source: Be

We highly recommend wearing a pair of elastic pants, the bloat is going to be real.

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