Cruise worker reveals passengers filmed around the clock

Allison Yee

They’re one of the most popular ways for Aussies to holiday, but one cruise worker has revealed there’s more than meets the eye when passengers step on board a cruise ship.

While it might seem like Disneyland on water with buffet meals, endless activities and all the sunbaking and Pina Coladas you could want, it seems your relaxation time might not be private as you thought.

According to one insider, security measures are so tight on big ships, you should be prepared to have yourself filmed at every moment you’re not inside your room.

One cruise worker has revealed security is tight, with cameras capturing every move you make. Photo: Getty

“It is safe to assume if you are outside of your cabin you are probably on camera,” cruise waiter Gavin told Mental Floss.

“Whilst it can seem like a terrifying prospect, it is all in the name of safety.

Any time you're outside your cabin, expect to be filmed, says the insider. Photo: Getty

“In the event of any kind of emergency, they could pull security footage at any time.”

However one worrying incident indicates it’s not just outside your room you may be watched.

One Florida family made headlines after they found a hidden camera behind the TV in their cabin last October.

Cruising has become increasingly popular for Aussie tourists. Photo: Getty

The unidentified family found the device on the second night of a Carnival Fantasy voyage from Alabama to Mexico, with the dad stumbling upon the camera after an allergy attack prompted him to check for dust.

“I asked my wife, ‘What is this? Is this what I think it is?’” he told the New Times. “We both just went white as ghosts.”

Carnival Cruises later issued a statement claiming the ‘device was not operational’, with a full investigation conducted and law enforcement notified of the incident.

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