Harry Houdini's ghost caught on camera?

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A dad has captured a spooky photo of what he believes is the ghost of the great Harry Houdini appearing on stage before disappearing suddenly.

Daniel Winter, 28, was on a ghost hunt at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre, in Eastbourne, when he snapped the spooky figure.

The full-time coastguard claims everybody on the hunt was accounted for and after the images were taken the group checked the stage but nobody was there.

"It could have been Houdini visiting, especially since it was on stage and then disappeared quickly,” the dad-of-two says.

Can you see the spooky figure in this image? Photo: Caters News

"It would be very interesting and amazing to say we have seen something like that if it was him.”

It is rumoured that Harry Houdini previously performed in the theatre before his death in 1926 and the ghost hunter believes it could be the illusionist taking back the stage for final trick.

"The stage still has the alterations for his show. He was renowned for doing things that spooked people,” he says.

Daniel was on a ghost hunt at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre, in Eastbourne. Photo: Caters News

"It definitely couldn't have been us and the security guard was also with us so we knew everyone was there.”

Daniel, Portsmouth, took the image in 2015 with his partner Lauren Higgins, 27, but he is only now revealing the image as he claims it is 'by far the best picture' he has taken on a ghost hunt

"It shows a misty figure. It just appeared on the picture. It was very dark so we couldn't see anything in person,” he explains.

Daniel says the misty figure could only be seen on the photo. Photo: Caters News

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"That's the way it usually happens. Something will creep up and that's all you'll get but I haven't had anything as concrete as this personally but we have heard voices before.

"This is by far the best picture we've had.

It's the best picture Daniel says he's ever captured. Photo: Caters News

"Everyone was very excited. It had been quite a quiet evening and it got everyone a lot more optimistic."

Houdini is known to have performed at Eastbourne's Hippodrome around the same time he staged an elaborate escape from the cells at Eastbourne Police Station in Easter 1905.

Houdini died of peritonitis in Detroit's Grace Hospital in 1926 aged 52.

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