Dad spooked after two-year-old points out 'ghost'

Bianca Soldani

Some people believe that young children have the ability to see more than we do - and we’re not talking about more colour or definition, but the ability to see spirits or ghosts.

It’s an odd idea that comes from generations upon generations of parents seeing their little ones having conversations with no one, describing apparently non-existent figures, or staring fixated at what looks like empty air.

One father in the US had a similar experience recently when his two-year-old daughter Maya pointed towards something that wasn’t visible to him.

Maya starts the video obsessed with the peanut butter on her bread. Photo: Twitter

She’s seen happily licking all the peanut butter off a piece of bread in the above video of the moment, and then at one point her face goes completely blank and she points to nothing.

“Dadda,” she says, “That’s spooky… spooky.”

He quickly posted it to Twitter with the caption, “Time to move”, where the video got a huge reaction and almost five million views.

She seems pretty freaked out by whatever she sees. Photo: Twitter

The dad later clarified that he didn’t “pan [the camera] over because there wasn’t anything (seeable to me) over there.”

“I hadn’t started filming to capture some paranormal stuff, I was just trying to film Maya being silly. I definitely panned my head over there.”

We think it’s pretty spooky, but judge for yourself.

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