Dami Im talks getting "robbed" at Eurovision

Liz Tse
Yahoo7 Entertainment

Sunrise host Kochie was fuming that Dami Im was jipped of winning this year's Eurovision contest.

"We all reckon you were robbed," he exclaimed on the breakfast show.

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However, Dami insists she was only surprised she came second to Ukraine because Australia was in the lead the whole time.

"It was more of a shock when we were getting all the jury votes and Australia was sitting right at the top for such a long time, and so far ahead of everybody else," she explained.

"In the end I came second and that's still much better than I ever imagined myself to do on the biggest stage on the world. I'm still very grateful for the opportunity to have been there."

The Aussie star came in second place to Ukraine's Jamala, whose controversial song 1944 was revealed to be three years old, proving to be in breach of Eurovision's strict rules.

Eurovision organisers defended their decision to let Ukraine keep the title, despite protests that the song should be disqualified and first place should be awarded to Dami.

Kochie asked Dami if she felt she she should be handed the winning crown because of Ukraine's clear breach of rules.

"I did read about all of the controversy but at the end of the day the Australian spirit is to be a good sport and whatever the umpire says I guess that's what it is," she said diplomatically.

"I've got to accept it. I still get to show the world my music and I have this new opportunity that's opened up for me... so I'm not complaining!"

The Super Love singer also spilled that she was going on tour around Australia this year: "I'm touring all around Australia with my band. It's going to be musically amazing!"

We can't wait!

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