Daniel Craig in hilarious James Bond skit

Natasha Lee
Yahoo7 Entertainment

Late night host Stephen Colbert is a massive James Bond fan, but he couldn’t help picking a major bone with the spy franchise when Daniel Craig visited the show.

'Do you have a car? I need one immediately'

“You always get these beautiful cars. These amazing, incredible cars with the gadgets, and then you wreck them immediately,” he told Daniel.

Interestingly enough, Daniel said this was exactly the kind of issue 007’s latest movie addressed thanks to its “gritty realism”.

Cue a snippet from the new film.

Daniel, as a very testy Bond, bursts into a car rental service demanding a new vehicle after trashing the latest one.

'Sir, we all have things to do'

“I’m being chased by assassins,” he huffs.

Behind the counter stands are very unimpressed Stephen, who calmly informs Daniel that “we all have things to do”.

'I'm being chases by assassins!'

Once Stephen pulls up Bond’s record, he feels compelled to point out that previous rentals had been totally destroyed.

But not to worry, Bond will still get his chance to wreck another beautiful car because at least he returned the old ones with a “full tank of gas”.

Daniel can't keep a straght face

At least we know what really matters.

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