Woman finds extremely rude note about her parking on car windscreen

Sarah Carty

If there’s one way your day can go from a solid 10 to a mediocre one in a split second, it’s when someone to leave a nasty note on your car windscreen.

Usually, seeing a piece of paper flying in the wind on your screen means someone has either tapped against your car, broken your mirror or worse yet, it’s a marketing pamphlet.

However, one woman was left furious when a fellow driver left her a note complaining about how she had parked her car.

A woman was shocked when she returned to her car only to find this rude note on the windscreen. Photo: Supplied

“You might want to be more considerate of others next time and not park like a p***k,” the note read.

Needless to say, Danielle Giornandi, who hails from Godalming in the UK, was livid over the letter.

She claims she was parked perfectly in Crown Court car park and that the spaces are just too small for the cars.

"People have complained and reported to the council numerous time,” she told GetSurrey about the spaces.

She blamed it all onn the size of the parking spaces in the car park. Photo: ABC

"They're outdated - people have much larger cars these days.

"I tried as hard as I could within the parameters given to me - leaving a note like that was uncalled for though.

Danielle went on to say that such a negative note reflects badly on the people of Godalming and shows off a ‘nasty’ side.

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