Daters reveal the romance red flags you should never ignore

Allison Yee

When it comes to the first flush of a new relationship, it’s all too easy to gloss over those little things your new love buddy does that makes you think twice.

But it seems there’s some romance red flags we should never ignore – and daters have taken to anonymous confession app Whisper to reveal what they are.

Listen to your gut when it comes to relationships. Photo: Getty

Do any of these sound familiar to you? It’s time to end it. Immediately.

The sociopath red flag

“I should have known he was a sociopath when he would make me watch scary movies until I cried and screamed. He was fascinated by fear because he can’t feel it.”

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The jealousy red flag

“Another red flag… My bf just told me he doesn’t want me playing video games because you can chat with other people. I have given him no reason to be jealous. He just is. It’s getting ridiculous.”

The STD red flag

“Wondering why men get so offended when asked to get an STD test. That’s a red flag in my book. Sorry for wanting to protect myself and you from possible STDs. I will not be dating a guy who won’t get an STD test done for me.”

The obsessed-with-their-ex red flag

“Take it as a big red flag if he literally stands up during the brunch date to look around you because he thinks he sees his ex.”

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The still-hating-on-their-ex red flag

“Red flag: When a guy calls his ex a ‘psycho’ or ‘crazy’.”

The secrecy red flag

“Should have known he was a douche bag when he said to keep our relationship a secret. Red flag ignored. My bad. Jerk.”

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The arrogance red flag

“I should have known it wasn’t going to last when he said ‘Baby, you can’t hurt me’. Instead of ‘I trust you,’ or ‘You won’t.’ Can’t means he never cared.”

The care factor red flag

“Guess it’s a red flag when I’m this excited to spend time with you and you accidentally ‘forget’ that we were supposed to hang out today.”

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