Dave Hughes took a pay cut for co-host Kate

Kristine Tarbert

It’s been revealed that radio personality Dave “Hughesy” Hughes was so shocked by the difference in pay between him and his long-time radio co-host, Kate Langbroek, that he took a pay cut.

During their national drive show yesterday Hughesy and Kate opened up about their contracts, replaying a chat they’d had in March on International Women’s Day.

While on air at the time Kate revealed to Hughesy that she was in fact getting paid 40 per cent less than him for doing the show. He was audibly shocked.

“I had no idea what we get paid, now I feel terrible,” he told Kate.

Dave Hughes was reportedly shocked when he found out the pay disparity. Photo: Getty

“You don’t need to feel terrible. It wasn’t your fault that you were born with two oranges in a string bag,” Kate responded.

When discussing the chat again yesterday Hughesy revealed he was actually “reeling” after the revelation.

According to reports, as soon as Kate found out the difference in salary in 2016 she took the issue to her bosses and was then paid the same as Hughesy for the rest of that year.

Dave and Kate openly discussed their contracts on air. Photo: Facebook

But when it came to 2017, Hughesy’s salary had already been locked in when he found out about the disparity. But a source revealed to News.com.au that he offered to take a pay cut so that his co-host would get pay parity.

The pair, who currently host the national drive show on KIIS FM, will move to the Hit Network in 2018 and when signing their new deals they both made sure they would be paid the same.

“When we go to our new job, we get pay parity. And we’re on parity now,” Kate said on air yesterday.

Kate has urged other male co-hosts to stand up for women's pay parity. Photo: Getty

“And I couldn’t be happier, obviously. You deserve it,” said Hughsey.

It comes after Lisa Wilkinson’s shock departure from the Today show on Channel Nine, partly due to the pay disparity with Karl Stefanovic.

“If you’re going to have a working partnership with someone, if you really care about women not being paid the same, men have to stand up and make it happen,” Kate said.

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