The Married At First Sight editing fail you missed

Eliza Velk

While most of us were distracted by the cheating scandal between Dean and Davina, some keen-eyed viewers spotted a major editing fail during last night’s reunion dinner.

As it came to the end of the dinner party, the contestants were served up delicious looking cupcakes which had many of them beam in excitement, including Davina.

“Oh my god is this dessert?” she said as they were placed in front of her by the waiters.

Contestants were served up cupcakes for dessert last night, only in a massive editing fail, Davina had already been shown eating hers in an earlier scene. Source: Nine

However viewers were quick to pick up on the massive editing fail, as we had already seen seen Davina digging in to her dessert a few scenes earlier.

Remember when Davina slyly maneuvered herself into the middle of a tense conversation between Nasa and Tracey, to listen in on the goss about Tracey's husband Dean, who Davina has been secretly seeing on the side?

It was during this early scene that we saw Davina bring her cupcake as she listened in, because drama is always better to watch with food right?

Davina made sure to bring her dessert as she listened into the tense conversation about Dean, between Tracey and Nasa. Source: Nine
Many of us were too distracted by Davina's sneaky actions around Tracey to notice the cupcake editing fail. Source: Nine

Whether the editors tried to be sneaky for dramatic affect or they just missed this major mistake, confused viewers were quick to comment about it on Twitter.

Meanwhile others expressed more concern over the way Dean ate his cupcake with a spoon.

Viewers also took to Twitter to comment about Dean eating his cupcake with a spoon. Source: Nine

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