49-year-old TV host wears a 'thong bikini' and kills it

Sarah Carty

TV host Davina McCall has showed off her incredible figure, just days before she turns 50.

The British TV star, who has released a stream of highly successful workout DVDs in the UK, posted to Instagram with her back to the camera, showing off her pert derrière.

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“Did a run this am … First foray into thong bikini at 50,” she captioned the post.

Davina posted this photo to Instagram.

“This might look like I’m showing off… I am. I’m pretty chuffed, having thought I would be in one pieces after 40. I am so happy.”

Davina added the hashtags #growolddisgracefully, #girlstrip, and #cheekyview.

“Wowza! I'd be walking down the street like that if I looked that good! Work hard it pays off...super hot Davina,” one commenter said.

“You are in amazing shape. I don't buy this crap that you have to dress a certain way because of your age. If you still got it flaunt it. You've still got it,” another person said.

“Bootay! I've been trying to get one for 20 years! Yours looks peachy,” an Instagrammer said.

The TV presenter turns 50 in a few days time. Photo: Getty Images

Last year, the presenter told Fit and Well magazine that she doesn’t always eat healthy.

"Last summer, we'd had an amazing time away with the children and I got back and thought my jeans felt a bit tight,” she said.

“I'd put on 6lb in two months. The weight always goes on my bum and my thighs.

“All I could think was I had to get into the dress for This Time Next Year and look exactly the same as I had done a year ago."

She also told The Mirror that her Instagram doesn’t reflect what’s really going on in her life.

“If you were to look at my Instagram page, you might think I’m the most perfect person in the world,” she said.

“But sometimes I slob out. Sometimes I feel awful. Sometimes I cry for no reason.”

“My one really good bit of my body is my tummy – I’m always taking selfies showing it. My knees are really weird and I’ve always had kind of straight legs, not shapely.”

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