Davina Rankin's shock return on MAFS finale

Olivia Morris

It's safe to say Married At First Sight has definitely delivered on the drama this year, especially with the Davina Rankin and Dean Wells 'affair'.

And it seems Davina isn't quite done ruffling feathers as she is set to make a shock return in the MAFS finale.

In a new promo for the final episodes, Davina enters the cocktail party admitting she hopes 's**t hits the fan'. Wow.

Davina makes a shock return to MAFS next week. Source: Nine

It seems as if the truth to the Davina and Dean 'affair' is finally put to rest, as the whole group, including Tracey, are shown footage of the pair together.

"Her looks are not her best quality," Dean says in the footage, referring to Tracey.

Dean definitely wasn't happy... Source: Nine

Could that be the nail in the coffin for Tracey?

It appears Dean may profess his love for his wife in the final commitment ceremony, but who knows what Tracey may say.

Tracey wasn't too keen on Davina's return either. Source: Nine

We're all on tenterhooks and many viewers are too as some just couldn't contain their excitement on social media.

MAFS continues on Sunday at 7.00pm on Channel Nine.

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