Delta slammed by Voice viewers again

Emma Shepherd

The blind auditions are well underway on The Voice, and Sunday night's episode saw coach Delta Goodrem get tough on a hopeful contestant.

The singer told Liz Conde that her rendition of Whitney Houston's classic "I Will Always Love You" was her "least favourite audition", sending viewers into a Twitter rant, slamming her for the harsh feedback.

The judge didn't hold back her thoughts. Source: Channel 9

Even though Liz secured a spot on Team Seal, Delta was quick to speak her mind.

"You know what, I don't want to bring down the mood (but) I feel like there's a little bit of instinct missing," the Born To Try singer said.

"The exciting news is that means you've got so much more to grow from. You know, there's a lot to work on," Delta added.

'The exciting news is that means you've got so much more to grow from. You know, there's a lot to work on,' Delta added. Source: Channel 9

Fans hit back at the 32-year-old with one tweeting, "Not nice @DeltaGoodrem speaking your mind is one thing. Imagine that girl watches this and hears all those critiques. Not nice."

Another posted, "Delta you were just a b***h. least favourite audition, did you really need to go there? Your (sic) the least favourite judge."

This is not the first time she's been slammed on Twitter, with fans recently slamming the singer's awkward body movements when she used her feet to push her buzzer.

Fans took to Twitter whilst watching the show, trolling the singer with snide remarks.

Celebs rushed to Delta's defense after Twitter backlash. Source: Channel 9
Sylvia Jeffreys said “Aside from her undeniable, indisputable talent, Delta is supremely kind.

"Delta just push the friggin' button with your hand like a normal person," one fn said, with another adding, "Just sit on the chair properly Delta. Don't use your foot to press the buzzer".

A third Tweeter even thought there was something wrong with her and said, "Are Delta's hands broken?"

However Delta has since hit back at the social media bullying and said, "The criticism is all just water off a duck’s back because the reality of what I get to live with is very different," Delta told The Daily Telegraph.

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"I have only the intention of making people’s day better and if someone has an intention that’s the opposite of that then that’s their problem." she declared.

You tell them, Delts.

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