Demi Moore rocks grey hair

Allison Yee

There’s nothing like finding a grey to make you panic schedule your next hair appointment ASAP, but not for Demi Moore who’s refreshingly decided to embrace the grey.

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Known for her trademark long, dark hair, the 53-year-old was spotted on the red carpet at the Chelsea Flower Show in London, showing off streaks of white.

Demi showed off her greys in London. Photo: Getty images

Demi admitted back in 2010 she was going grey, but was refusing to succumb to a salon fix.

"I don't dye my hair, but I do have a few grey hairs that I pluck out," she said.

Now, the mum-of-three is just the latest to lighten up a trend that’s seen Kate Moss and Kate Middleton proving they're ok with their grey.

Going grey isn't a problem for Kate. Photo: Getty images
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