This is now the most-watched video of all time

Aletha Wilkinson

It was already the most-streamed song of all time, and now 'Despacito', the catchiest hit of the Northern Hemisphere summer has smashed the YouTube record for most watched, too.

With 4.7 billion streams, the Luis Finso/Daddy Yankee hit had obviously caught the public's ear. Now, after racking up more than three billion video views, it's surpassed every other video on the planet.

Wonder if they expected to break world records when they shot this. Source: Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

Justin Bieber loved the song so much, he did his own remix – complete with Spanish lyrics – but he hasn't been able to topple the original.

This girl is now the most watched woman in video. Source: Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

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