Diana's driver's regret about the crash that killed her

Bianca Soldani

He was Diana's dedicated driver for two years before her tragic death. But in the two decades since the incident, Colin Tebbut has stayed largely silent about the crash that killed her.

Now, breaking his silence for the first time on British TV, Tebbut has spoken about his regret at not being behind the wheel that night.

Diana's driver breaks his silence after 20 years. Photo: Good Morning Britain

When asked by a Good Morning Britain host if he wished he had been driving, Tebbut said, "Yes you always do that. You always do that."

"That is not good to have in the mind... I think they went in too fast but in the inquest that was sorted out, I've driven through the tunnel myself."

Tebbut flew to Paris immediately after Diana's death to return her body back home. Recounting the experience he said, "I was taken in to help. I went to the hotel and then I went to the hospital and arrived at the hospital – lots of people about on I think it was the first floor and there was a lot of people."

Tebbut flew to Paris after the princess' death to accompany her body home. Photo: Getty

"Very difficult and emotional to see a person lying in a bed and not in a mortuary and when I was in the room, which was very very hot, I looked out of the window and I could see people on a roof.

"Now whether they knew where the princess was I don’t know but that worried me so I got some blankets, because there were no curtains, and we put blankets along the windows, which made it even hotter in the room."

He explained that he later went to get a couple of fans to cool the room down, but it resulted in a very surreal moment.

He had been Diana's driver for the two years prior to her death. Photo: Getty

"That was one moment in my life when perhaps my professionalism was lacking a little bit because when I turned round the eyelashes and the hair of the princess were moving caused by the fan and that just struck me.

"I had to turn away, think about it and grip myself back and get on with what I was doing," he said.

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