Did Kim Kardashian Use Paris Robbery to Cover Up Her Butt Implant Removal?

Yahoo! NZ

Is it true that Kim Kardashian really got her ass taken out??? Speculation around town is that she took all that time off from social media and public appearances because she was robbed of her most famous asset. Too soon? All jokes aside, rumors are starting to get out that it wasn’t the horrific Paris robbery that has kept Kim behind closed doors, but rather it’s her BUTT that’s kept her down and out. No matter what, a robbery is a robbery, and being held at gunpoint will definitely scar you, so it might be a combo of the Paris robbery and the butt reduction keeping our favorite Kardashian cooped up! If you look at this side by side Instagram, the picture on the left is of Kim at Kris Jenner’s 2016 holiday party, literally just a few weeks ago, and the one on the right is from earlier in the year! To further prove that she might’ve gotten junk taken out of her trunk, Kim uploaded a home video mashup to her website and the video of her teaching Saint how to walk clearly shows a major lack of cushion for the pushin’. Could Kim taking out her butt implants mean she’s completely redesigning her brand, her look, or BODY??? Does this mean the hourglass, big-breasted, big-butted, va-va-voom look is OUT? Her sisters Kylie and Khloe are still rocking the signature Kardashian look… but who knows? Where Kim goes, the sisters usually follow. Speaking of Kylie, have you seen her latest Instagrams? Her ass is literally the size of the sun and her boobs… well they don’t grow that much overnight! Perhaps she got implants? The verdict is still out on that one, and it might take a new season of KUWTK for her to admit to any other surgeries she might’ve had… as for now let’s just let you form your own conclusions. What do you think? Did Kim really get her moneymaker taken out, or has the stress of life allowed her to lose a butt-ton of weight? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.