Did Kylie Jenner Copy Her Coachella Look From Another Festivalgoer?

Jihan Forbes

By now, if you’ve been on the Internet and seen images of celebrities at Coachella, you’ve probably already peeped at Kylie Jenner’s look for the festival.

The reality TV star rocked a pink and green ombré Dutch braid wig with a glittering hot pants and a bra top set from Discount Universe.

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Her outfit looked all too familiar to Brit Day, who has a line of glittery, kitschy, rainbow-hued clothing called Day by Day The Label. Day, who is sporting a short hot-pink haircut, posted an image of herself two weeks ago at the Rabbits Eat Lettuce music festival in Australia.

Day rocked a long, white mesh robe with her outfit, along with boots and a pair of epic sunglasses.

This weekend, Day posted two images side by side, showing her and the young Ms. Jenner and captioning the photo, “When the babe’n @kyliejenner steals your look,” adding a surprised cat, handclap, and heart-eyes emojis to show her approval.

Of course, as with anything Kylie Jenner does, people were full of opinions, as well as vitriol, claiming the reality TV star had once again bitten off someone else’s style.

“She could’ve at least gave her credit like I love Brits look and tagged her Instagram something,” one commenter said.

Another chimed in: “Y’all saying everyone wear the same stuff but y’all ignoring that the hair is also pink lol I’m sure Kylie stylist saw this and got inspiration.”

This whole thing could be a coincidence, although we wouldn’t put it past Kylie Jenner or any of her cohorts to swagger jack someone else’s style.

Lots of celebrities do it.

To be fair, the outfit is readily available at Discount Universe, and it seems like every girl at a music festival is sporting pink hair these days.

It’s a trend. Some people set them, some people follow them.