Did Lamar just shrug off ex Khloe's situation?

Rebekah Scanlan

His ex-wife has never been too far whenever Lamar Odom needed help and guidance.

But the former basketball player doesn't appear to have repaid the favour for Khloe Kardashian in the aftermath of her baby daddy Tristan Thompson appearing to "cheat" on her just days before she gave birth.

Fans are furious that instead of offering his support, Lamar has gone about his normal life, sharing a photo of himself hanging out with the boys.

Fans are annoyed Lamar Odom has been busy hanging with the boys while his ex-wife has been struggling with the fact her baby daddy has cheated on her. Source: Instagram/LamarOdom
Khloe Kardashian has welcomed her first child just days after footage of her baby daddy Tristan Thompson cheating on her emerged. Source: TMZ

In a photo shared to Instagram the 38-year-old appeared to not give Khloe's situation any thought, captioning a shot of himself with three mates, "some things never change!"

He also added the hashtag "#Bros4Life", which could be interpreted as insensitive given the scandal engulfing Khloe's relationships, past and present.

Khloe and Lamar married in 2009 and split in 2013. They officially divorced in 2016 after years of Khloe supporting her ex through his struggles with addiction. Source: Getty

Fans jumped on the post, suggesting he is taking a dig at his former wife who divorced him in 2016 following three years of marriage that came to an end in 2013.

"Support Khloe @lamarodom even though you guys have your differences I’m sure no one has ever loved Khloe like you did," one user wrote.

Back in December Khloe confirmed she was expecting a baby with Tristan. Source: Snapchat/KhloeKardashian

"Khloe saved your life," another said. "It’s time to save hers."

Khloe, 33, has yet to comment on the CCTV footage that emerged on TMZ last week, that showed the 27-year-old basketballer getting up close and personal with two women.

Fans have urged Lamar to support Khloe as she deals with Tristan Thompson’s alleged infidelity. Source: Instagram/khloekardashian

The video was thought to have been filmed back on October 7, when Khloe would've already been quite a few months into her pregnancy.

Since the video was leaked the couple have welcomed their daughter.

Meanwhile Khloe has always supported her former husband, famously rushing to his side in 2015 when he nearly died from an overdose.

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