The Hype

Last December 32-year old Brittany Murphy died and an inquest ruled that her death was the result of pneumonia complicated by her use of prescription pills. Barely five months later, Murphy's 39-year old husband Simon Monjack went into cardiac arrest and died at the same house. It was also ruled that he died from pneumonia

Now the investigation into the deaths of Murphy & Monjack is being handled by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health because it's believed mould may have killed them both.

The symptoms of mould poisoning range from a rash and cold and flu-like effects to neurological damage and even death. Mould attacks the body's respiratory system which is why the investigation has begun as both Brittany and Simon died from pneumonia.

Mould can develop on hidden surfaces like the back of wallpaper and under carpets making it at times hard to realise that there is a mould problem in existence.