Dine where Thor would at this ultimate Viking restaurant

Eliza Velk

Following the footsteps of actors Chris Hemsworth and Travis Fimmel, you too can now have a taste of what it’s like to be a Viking, simply by dining at Mjølner restaurant and bar.

Hidden in the heart of Redfern, this Viking themed whisky bar is not only named after Thor’s iconic hammer, but created in his image to give guests a unique dining experience all in Viking style.

So, embrace your inner Thor for the night as you sit surrounded by the contemporary Scandinavian décor - very chic might we add - and get served up a feast by the friendly staff dressed in character.

This Viking themed bar and restaurant, Mjølner, was created in the image of Thor. Source: Be

You'll even get to pick your 'weapon' of choice from their collection of medieval style knives.

Before tucking into your meal you'll be asked to pick your 'weapon' of choice for the night. Source: Be

* Is this the cheesiest café in Australia?

Then get into the spirit with a drink.

Order one served up in a traditional horn or pick from their extensive list of signature medieval cocktails that look absolutely delish!

Drink from a traditional horn or choose one of their signature cocktails. Source: Instagram/mrgreen87; Be

On the menu is a range of classic Viking feasts with a modern twist, ranging from 'bird, beast, fish or veg’ alternatives.

Enjoy a modern feast from the alternatives of 'bird, beast, fish or veg.' Source: Be

And to top it off why not go for their flaming rum dessert to add to the atmosphere even more.

Go out with a bang by ordering the flaming dessert to finish your night. Source: Be

Tucked away from the hustle of the city, Mjølner creates a sense of escapism like no other, making it the perfect place for the next date night or a night out with friends.

And we’re pretty sure that Thor and our favourite Viking Ragnar Lothbrok would agree.

Decked out in Scandinavian decor, the place is actually pretty chic. Source: Mjølner

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