Diner outraged at getting served just SEVEN chips

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A right royal chip row has ensued after a diner complained about getting served just SEVEN chips with her meal at a UK restaurant.

A fuming Leanne Williams penned the biting one-star post on Facebook blasting The Clock Face Pub and Restaurant in St Helens, for allegedly serving just seven chips with one of the party's birthday meals last week.

Later that evening, taxi driver Leanne was shocked to receive a reply from the restaurant's owner sarcastically thanking her for the 'glowing review' but quizzed her about the size and number of fries that were served.

Leanne posted this photo of her tiny meal online. Photo: Caters News

The restaurant responded to 28-year-old Leanne's grievances with 'I count eight chips, I think someone's had a sneaky one too, that makes nine'.

“It was like something out of Fawlty Towers, I couldn't believe it,” Leanne says.

"We'd gone out for a nice family meal to celebrate my girlfriend's grandma's birthday.

"We pre-booked and my partner's aunt had ordered the burger and chips.

"The meal was served on a small side plate with seven or eight chips on it – it looked like a doll-sized portion of food.

"It was £2.50 ($4.20) for seven chips, I couldn't believe it.”

The owner then dared to comment on how much Leanne had chosen to eat by saying he was 'surprised she had room' for the chips after having steak and ale pie and roasties – prompting the customer to brand him 'childish'.

A posting her scathing review the owner responded. Photo: Caters News

"My girlfriend’s aunt had just had a stroke and is still struggling to speak. She didn't feel confident speaking about so I waited until we finished our meal to write the review,” Leanne explains.

"When I saw the reply I just thought 'what a cheek'. I was a bit shocked by it and I thought it was disgusting.

"How do you expect to run a business with an attitude like that?"

Leanne claims the tirade has upset her girlfriend's family who have regularly visited the restaurant for the past three years and has said she will never return.

Leanne branded the owner's responses as 'childish'. Photo: Caters News

Director of The Clock Face Pub and Restaurant Jamie Fildes however has hit back saying when the party pre-ordered their food they had requested a kid's meal of burger and chips – which is why the portion was the size it was.

"On the pre-order it said it was a kid's meal. Ideally they should have said something along the lines of 'you have messed up here and given us a child's portion', and it could have been sorted straight away,” he says.

Jamie also claims the Facebook comments were 'banter' and he expected them to be taken in the spirit they were made.

"It was a daft, flippant comment which was satirical and meant to be banter and wasn't meant to cause any offence,” Jamie, 31, says.

"I hold my hands up, I should have been a bit more clued up, but I've learned a valuable lesson.

"How can you come to a restaurant once a week for three years, leave a one-star review and then wait until she'd finished to put it all over social media?

"For a table to leave a £10 tip, this suggests to me that the food has been good.”

With additional reporting by Caters News.

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