Disturbing videos masked as kid's cartoons on YouTube

Natasha Lee

Disturbing videos disguised as children’s cartoons have emerged on YouTube.

The deceptive videos are promoted as some of the most popular cartoons on the site including Pony and Peppa Pig.

The videos are advertised in their description as being "for kids".

But instead of containing a full episode of the children’s favourite, they have been spliced with crude images depicting kidnapping and foul language.

In one of the episodes which is billed as a Peppa Pig video, a masked man abducts the young Peppa from a swing before driving off with the screaming character in a car.

So far the video has been viewed more than 2,000,000 times.

While in a video entitled ‘PONY.MOV’ one of the character’s sufferers a psychedelic hallucination after eating too many apples before choking to death.

This scene from a video purporting to be of the children's cartoon 'PONY' shows a character choking to death on apples. Source: YouTube
The videos are marketed towards children and have amassed thousands of views. Source: YouTube

Later, in the same video, a message appears on screen for a split second with the words: “This is so f***ing retarded I can’t believe I’m animating this”

This disturbing message flashes up in a scene from the 'PONY' video. Source: YouTube

Both Peppa Pig and PONY are popular among very young children.

It’s not the first time disturbing videos disguised as children’s cartoons have emerged on the free video website.

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Earlier this year the site came under fire for hosting videos which were made to look like popular cartoon characters such as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, but showed them in violent and sometimes even sexual situations.

YahooBe has reached out to YouTube for comment.

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