Ditch the Diet Devil

Food. Diet. What's your reaction when you see these two words? I'm thrilled when I see the word "food," and I want to knock out the person who created the second word. Diet should be the word that explains what we eat. You know, something like, "What foods do you like to eat in your diet?" Not "My New Year's resolution is to give up swearing and go on a diet." That takes a wonderful word and turns it into a devil.

I go online all the time and read people's postings to get a sense of what they're struggling with. Let me tell you, besides stress, depression, and feeling like there is no time to take care of ourselves, how to eat is a big question mark for a lot of people.

You all are going to get sick of me sounding like a broken record. Why? The rules don't change and they're fair. So I'm going to repeat the same fundamentals until you are able to incorporate them into your food life. I need to say this: It is going to take some effort, consistency, and discipline on your part if you want to be successful.

There are so many "diets" out there that tell you how to eat and lose weight. Why, then, does it work for some and not for others? Paul Chek taught me something that I'll share with you. We are all different. Therefore we need to eat differently in order to feel and look our best. You have to figure out for yourself which way of eating is going to work best for you. Paul shared with me that we all oxidize or "convert" food at a different rate.

Think of proteins (fish, meat, chicken, tofu) as wet wood. Your fire is going to burn those foods a lot slower. So if you are a fast oxidizer, a lot of protein is going to work well for you. It's not about your metabolism, it's about how quickly your body turns food into energy. My husband is a very fast oxidizer. What does that mean? If he eats too many carbs and not enough protein with good fat, he's miserable. His body runs through all the food quickly if there isn't enough protein. He'll feel moody (all the sugars from the carbs get dumped in his system at once) and be perpetually hungry. Take an individual who is a slow oxidizer. If she eats too much protein in one sitting, she will become lethargic and suffer, because her body is working so hard to get through that food.