Dodgy bride under investigation for credit card fraud

Kristine Tarbert

A bride-to-be who made headlines last week after allegedly tricking her fiancé out of his stag do money, was already under investigation for credit card fraud.

It’s been revealed that Rachel Doran, 29, had been arrested last month and was on bail after a suspected ‘cloning’ offence.

Working at a hotel in Cumbia at the time, she was questioned after a guest claimed fraudulent purchases were made on his card.

The dodgy bride’s antics came to light when friends of jilted groom Chris Mahone spoke out about his devastation after his ‘future wife’ stole $18,000 of his bucks money.

It's alleged Rachel stole her fiancé Chris' stag do money. Photo: Facebook

The Mirror reported Rachel handed him phony plane tickets at Leeds Airport before pulling a disappearing act.

The money had been saved for him and his 30 friends to go on a bucks trip to Ibiza, but instead when Chris, 27, and his mates tried to check in they were turned away.

“He thought Rachel was the love of his life,” a friend told The Mirror.

Chris and Rachel started dating in 2015. Photo: Facebook

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Chris and Rachel first started dating in 2015 and were due to marry in December this year.

But instead, he found himself ‘dumped’ and wanting to drown his sorrows at the local pub.

He took to Facebook after the incident to wrote what he was feeling.

“Words cannot describe the pain and feels that are playing with my head today,” he wrote.

The groom has been left devastated. Photo: Facebook

“I totally want to apologise to all my fantastic mates that were gonna celebrate what was supposed to be my stag do. I can’t apologise enough, I’m sorry boys I really am.”

Not willing to let Chris wallow in sorrow, eight of his friends booked last-minute flights to Magaluf in Majorca to try and cheer him up.

Rachel’s whereabouts is currently unknown, and enquiries are continuing into the credit card fraud, while police also confirmed they had “received a report regarding an alleged fraud” in relation to the missing stag do money.

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