Donald Trump banned by Anna Wintour from this A-list event

Suzy Byrne

Donald Trump will never again ascend the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s iconic staircase on fashion’s biggest night.

On Wednesday’s The Late Late Show Vogue editor Anna Wintour was asked by James Corden to name which celebrity she wouldn’t invite back to the Met Gala and, without pausing for a beat, she replied: “Donald Trump.”

Wintour — who assumed the role of gala chair for the star-studded extravaganza in 1995 and is in charge of the exclusive guest list — was a big Hillary Clinton supporter during the 2016 presidential race.

Anna Wintour has banned Donald Trump from attending the Met Gala. Photo: Getty Images
Here he is in 2004 with his daughter Ivanka and wife Melania at the Met Gala. Photo: Getty Images

Last October, the magazine broke tradition to officially endorse the first female presidential candidate. And she’s still with her.

There is even an excerpt of Clinton’s new book, What Happened, in the September issue of Vogue.

For those of you who say, “Oh, the Donald won’t care he’s been banned from the hot-ticket event,” know that, actually, it’s historically been a favorite of his.

The man who isn’t known for his style (trucker hats? So early aughts) has attended the Met Gala more than 10 times with several different dates — including wives, girlfriends, and his eldest daughter, Ivanka.

Wintour — who also (gasp!) ate pizza during her appearance on the late show last night — was actually friendly with Trump years ago when he was merely a comical New York City fixture, and even attended his 2005 wedding. (Of course, so did the Clintons.)

Trump with his first wife, Ivana at the 1987 Met Gala. Photo: Getty Images
And with Melania at the 2010 Met Gala. Photo: Getty Images

And while she — along with other Conde Nast editors — met with Trump last December when he was president-elect, around the same time she was heard criticizing his Trump Foundation and publicly apologized.

While 45 is blocked from the Met Gala, which draws stars ranging from Beyoncé to George Clooney, Wintour has said that the first lady will still be seen in the pages of Vogue.

“We always photograph or cover in some way the first ladies,” Wintour has said. (Melania actually appeared on the magazine’s cover in 2005 in wedding garb.)

Wintour is a known Hillary Clinton supporter. Photo: Getty Images

Scoring an invite to the Met Gala is a big deal, even for celebs.

Earlier this year, it was rumored that Kylie Jenner wouldn’t be asked back after breaking the event’s biggest rule — no phones or social media — with her epic bathroom selfie, but it looks like she has nothing to worry about. Just the Donald.

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