Trump’s face spotted in young mum’s knee

Chris Adams, Caters News

A young mum has become the butt of jokes among her friends after they claimed to have spotted Donald Trump's face in a photograph of her knee.

Pals noticed the uncanny resemblance in a picture of Jamie Lee Mitchell taken by before a girls' night out, and now the 21-year-old is being taunted with the nickname Jamie KNEE after the snap was shared on social media.

Her best friend Sarah-Jayne McCall said nobody spotted the outline of the US President when the picture was taken before Christmas, but it jumped out at her when scrolling past it again on her phone last week.

The mum had no idea what was hiding in this party snap! Photo: Caters News

"I was mortified when she pointed it out. Everyone is calling me Jamie Knee now,” Mum-of-one Jamie Lee, from Edinburgh, Scotland, said.

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"Sarah-Jayne sent me it and I just burst out laughing and thinking: 'What the f**k?' Nobody has ever mentioned it before but then again nobody was really looking for it either. Now everyone has had a laugh about it. It got posted on Facebook and all of a sudden I've got people calling me Jamie Knee.”

Trump’s face - complete with eyes, nose, cheek, and hair - can clearly be seen on Jamie Lee's right knee. She believes the eerie appearance is down to the way the photo was taken, with lighting and the angle playing a big part. Either way, she’s having a laugh with it.

The face comes complete with eyes, nose and hair! Photo: Caters News

"Since this was taken he's become President though, so it's a much more famous knee than it was a few months ago,” she said.

"I think it looks exactly like him. I couldn't stop laughing when I noticed,” Sarah-Jayne, also 21, said, "It was the only picture we took that night as well and I'm so glad I did. I think it's hilarious."

"I took a screenshot of it straight away and sent it to her. Before you know it, half of Edinburgh has seen it on Facebook."

President Trump's mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, was born and brought up in Scotland, while the newly-elected leader of the free world also owns a golf course and estate in the country.

"We don't really pay that much attention to American politics but I personally quite like Trump,” Sarah-Jayne added, "He's not appeared in any photos we've taken since and she's had quite a bit of banter about it, but it's all good fun."

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