Donald Trump slammed for tone-deaf shooting Tweet

Carly Williams

People of the Internet are baffled by a series of upbeat Tweets that show US President Donald Trump smiling and giving the ‘thumbs up’ with the officers from the scene of the Florida school shooting, where 17 people were murdered.

And if that wasn't enough to ruffle feathers, he's also being slammed for making one of the photographs the banner on his Twitter page.

People are outraged by this picture of the the US President smiling, surrounded by first responders from the Florida school shooting. Photo: Donald Trump Twitter

Critics suggested the use of the images, all of which show the President grinning from ear-to-ear or giving the ‘thumbs up’, undermined the gravity of the situation, especially in light of the US government’s ongoing refusal to address or change gun control laws.

Posting on Reddit, one commenter said: “The further those people are standing away from him, the less they are smiling. Also, his wife in this white dress, like it's a red carpet. Those people are so far removed from reality it's just sad."

After visiting the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, President Trump posed with medics who treated victims of the deadly Parkland school shooting. People are puzzled by his smile. Photo: Donald Trump Twitter

Twitter also had a lot to say:

Trump, who was accompanied by his wife First Lady Melania Trump at the visit to South Florida Hospital, praised medics who worked endlessly in the horrific aftermath of last Wednesday's massacre.

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“Thank you all very much. Fantastic job. Thank you,” he told them. “Incredible job and everybody is talking about it."

People join together after the Florida high school shooting that killed 17 to protest against guns on the steps of the Broward County Federal courthouse. Photo: Getty

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have since called upon the President to address gun laws and have suggested they will stage a school walk out on April 20 to draw congress attention to the issue.

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