Driver busted going hands free to eat on freeway

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A motorcyclist has revealed footage of the moment a “brain-dead” motorway commuter was caught eating a bacon sandwich while driving at 80 kilometres an hour – with no hands on the wheel.

Brett Mullineaux was heading to work outside Greater Manchester earlier this month, when he noticed the car behind him coming a little too close for comfort.

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"I checked my mirrors and I saw the man behind the wheel doing something but I just didn't know what at first,” said Brett.

"When I drove up parallel with him I realised he had both hands on his sandwich with no hands on the wheel.

Brett was on his way to work when he sighted the dodgy driver. Photo: Mercury Press

“I just thought 'wow' - now that's unbelievable. He had what looked like a bacon sandwich with him at the wheel. He must have been completely brain-dead.”

Shocking footage from the incident from Brett's headcam shows the driver doing around 80 kilometres an hour down the busy motorway with neither hand on the wheel while he chomps down on his breakfast.

Who's driving the car then? Photo: Mercury Press

Meanwhile his pal eats his own food and chats to the driver, seemingly unfazed by his lack of control over the vehicle.

"The thing that was so unbelievable is that he had both hands on the sandwich and wasn't even holding the wheel,” said Brett.

“I have absolutely no idea how he was controlling the car.

"He was keeping quite steady but I wanted to get ahead and clear as quickly as possible.

"He just had both hands on the wheel and he was looking right at me. So was his passenger.”

Despite being busted, the man refused to put down his bacon butty. Photo: Mercury Press

Brett, 42, reveals his instinct was to drive on ahead and hope that the driver didn’t lose control while he was anywhere near the car.

"My big worry is that he's going to swerve and not just knock into me, but everyone around me. People like this are a real danger,” he says.

"Like I keep saying, it's not worth a $335 fine and six points on your licence – but there's no telling these people.

"They just won't learn until they kill someone."

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