Drone footage captures ghost of 1000-year-old knight

Kristine Tarbert

A man has spotted the ghostly figure of a knight 'riding' into an 11th century castle when he was taking his new drone camera for a spin in Gloucestershire, England.

Thomas Arnold bought the drone a few days earlier and was keen to test it out over the 11th century Berkeley Castle, which commands a sweeping view of the countryside.

Mysteriously, the drone lost contact with the control for ten seconds - which was exactly when a spectral rider appeared within its view.

Thomas was testing his new drone at Berkeley Castle. Photo: Mega

While Thomas called the drone back to home, the camera managed to pick up the spooky sighting, which he only noticed when rewatching the footage later.

He thought nothing of the controller glitch initially, but when he arrived home and saw the figure he was shocked.

"It's clear as day, in daylight and in HD. It's brilliant," the 41-year-old said.

He spotted the spectral rider entering the castle. Photo: Mega

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