The incredible moment 3D-printed feet give a duck its waddle back

Leah Cohen

The lucky duck from Wisconsin, USA, received a “second walk of life,” after a teacher and his students made him feet using a 3D printer.

Animal lover, Vicki-Rabe Harrison, rescued the bird after he lost his feet to frostbite.

Phillip the duck got a new lease on life thanks to his 3D-printed feet. Photo: YouTube

Unsure whether to keep him or have be put down, her son Robbie decided to take action, reaching out to a middle school technology teacher who owned a 3D printer.

Robbie saw came across teacher Jason Jischke’s video online about his 3D printer and contacted him to see if he could be of any help.

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At first Jischke thought it was a joke but soon after agreed to take on the duck feet project.

He even got his students to help him design the duck’s new orange shoes, which are made from a material called Ninjaflex.

A middle school teacher made them out of Ninjaflex using his 3D printer. Photo: YouTube

After weeks of trial and error, Phillip was fitted with his new feet and took to them like a duck to water.

His next steps will take him to a bird sanctuary where he will get the chance to adjust to his brand new feet and waddle.