The moment a plane crash lands into potato fields

Leah Cohen

This is the scary moment a small plane makes an emergency landing and takes a tumble into dusty potato fields.

A Dutch planespotter caught the incident on camera and reported that the two people onboard were thankfully unharmed, despite their scary crash landing.

The pilot overshoots the runway.

In the video above, the tiny aircraft can be seen descending towards the runway at Breda Airport, 60km south of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

As it approaches, the plane begins to wobble from side to side and seems like it’s not going to make the smoothest of landings.

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The plane’s fate looks grim as it bounces off the ground and overshoots the runway, crashing into a farmer's potato field.

Suddenly the camera loses sight of the plane as it gets buried by all the dust in the air.

It crashes into potato fields.
No one was hurt.

The plane comes to a halt and the soil quickly dissipates and you can see the pilot and the passenger safe in their seats.

Watch the wild ride above, it will make you want to grab onto the sides of your seats for dear life!

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