Dying bride plans dream wedding in seven days

Allison Yee

Looking at the ecstatic bride and groom as they cut into their wedding cake, Caleigh Haber and her new husband  Bryan Takayama could be any other couple about to spend the rest of their life together.

Tragically though, the newlyweds might not have as much time as they hope, with Caleigh suffering from cystic fibrosis, and told by doctors her double lung transplant had failed.

Caleigh, 27, shared the news on her Instagram page just days ago, revealing doctors had ruled out another transplant.

The couple tied the knot last weekend. Photo: Instagram
Caleigh met Brian a year ago, with the couple quickly falling in love. Photo: Instagram

“After two days of testing my heart and working hard to recover my kidney function, I was discharged by my healthcare team telling me there is nothing else they can do to help me improve my health/quality of life,” Caleigh wrote.

Caleigh shared her heartbreaking news about her transplant last week. Photo: Instagram

“And that they stand by the decision that transplanting me would be setting me up for a battle I have no chance of winning.”

For Caleigh, who has spent almost a decade in and out of hospitals fighting cystic fibrosis, which causes infections and excessively thick mucus within the lungs, airways and the digestive system, it prompted her to devise a plan with Bryan “to put all our last eggs into living”.

For the couple, who met a year ago and had planned their engagement party for Saturday, that meant changing their plans to tie the knot instead.

Caleigh's battled CF for nearly 10 years, with doctors saying her prognosis isn't good. Photo: Instagram

Her decision saw her closest friends and family rally to get everything from a wedding planner to photographer donate their time so the lovebirds could make the trip down the aisle.

Their engagement party turned into the wedding day, thanks to the help of loved ones and strangers. Photo: Instagram

“Basically every single thing for the wedding, we’ve got it donated, which is just absolutely shocking that so many people want to help and so many people want to bring awareness,” Caleigh told NBC Los Angeles.

Her bridesmaid Tiffany Anh even set up a GoFundMe page for their honeymoon, which smashed its $10,000 target to raise over $21,300 in just three days.

Caleigh's still weighing up her options on what to do next - but she'll have her husband by her side. Photo: Instagram

It's capped off a dream wedding come true for Caleigh.

"Grateful for where I’m at & grateful for where I’m going," she posted on Facebook. "Overwhelmed with emotion that you have all supported us and shown us unconditional love. As we begin this journey sharing a life together it is so important to have a village behind us."

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