Early Pregnancy Exhaustion

Tiredness is the most common symptom of early pregnancy-even more likely than nausea. For the first few months of pregnancy, most of us just aren't as energetic as usual.

What can you do about fatigue? For the whole nine months, one good rule to live by is to listen to your body; your pregnancy will tell you what you need to do. If you are tired, you need to rest. Well, that is easy to say, but what if your life doesn't leave time to rest? The following list has been created from advice from many women:

  • Expect less of yourself. You may not be able to get anything done in the evenings for a month or two.

  • Go to sleep early.

  • Say no to extra work until you feel better. Postpone all extracurricular, non-essential activities.

  • Decide which of your home or work responsibilities can be ignored or delegated. For example, if you used to cook dinner, have your partner take over the cooking for a while so you can put your feet up after work.

  • Try to figure out what time of day is best for you, and plan the most difficult work for then.
  • ** When possible, schedule the toughest tasks early, and make afternoons more flexible.
    • If you have energy in the morning but fade at 3, see if you can shift your work hours earlier.
    • Sometimes a ten-minute catnap will revive you.
    • Go for a brisk walk when you feel sleepy

  • Many women find that if they can drag themselves to exercise, it paradoxically improves their energy level. Although 40 minutes a day is a good goal, ten minutes of exercise three or four times during the day may be easier to fit into your schedule. Even a little bit may help.

  • Have a light snack or some herbal tea when you need a few minutes' break. Some women find that a high protein snack like a power bar works best.

  • If financially feasible, use money to make your life easier. Pay someone to clean your house, get take-out meals, or take a cab instead of public transportation.

If all else fails, be reassured you will feel better in a month or two.