Easter quiz: How egg-cellent is your knowledge?

Alicia Vrajlal

1. What is supposed to bring people luck at Easter?

a) wearing new clothes
b) eating hot cross buns
c) finding a red boiled egg

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ANSWER: a) wearing new clothes

2. 76% of people eat which part of an Easter Bunny first?

a) tail
b) ears
c) feet
d) chest

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ANSWER: b) ears

3. In which ocean is Easter Island?

a) Pacific
b) Arctic
c) Indian
d) Atlantic

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ANSWER: a) Pacific

4. Which musician has not recorded a song called Easter?

a) Marillion
b) Bruce Springsteen
c) Patti Smith
d) Jefferson Airplane

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ANSWER: b) Bruce Springsteen

5. Which is the only Shakespeare play that mentions Easter?

a) King Lear
b) All's Well That Ends Well
c) The Merry Wives of Windsor
d) Romeo and Juliet

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ANSWER: d) Romeo and Juliet

6. What kind of tail does the Easter Bunny have?

a) fluffytail
b) cottontail
c) wagging tail

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ANSWER: b) cottontail

7. Where can you find the world’s largest decorated Easter egg?

a) Romania
b) Ukraine
c) Canada

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ANSWER: c) Canada

8. Psysanka is a traditional way of painting Easter Eggs. Which country does Pysanka originate?

a) Ukraine
b) Estonia
c) Slovenia
d) Hungary

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ANSWER: a) Ukraine

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