EasyJet passengers watch a total solar eclipse

Greg Keraghosian, editing by Yahoo7 staff
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EasyJet passengers watch a total solar eclipse

A special treat for passengers. Photo: EasyJet

Usually when the pilot of our plane notes any points of interest out the window, we can barely be bothered to open the shades and look. But passengers of three EasyJet flights on Friday didn’t just look with glee, they were invited to bring special glasses for it.

EasyJet flight EZY 6747 from Belfast, Northern Ireland to Reykjavik took a little morning detour to witness a rare total solar eclipse over the Faroe Islands – one of just two spots in the world where such a view could be found (Norway’s Svalbard being the other). EasyJet flights EZY2295 from London Luton and EZY1805 from Manchester took in the same visual feast.

The airline had invited passengers in advance to bring viewing glasses for the phenomenon from an altitude of 37,000 feet – their last chance in that part of the world until 2026. They got plenty of Twitter love as their pilots circled around the area to give everyone on the plane a chance to see.

A statement from EasyJet said the pilots “performed a controlled and safe manoeuvre in order to allow passengers on both sides of the planes to have a grandstand view of one of nature’s greatest events, a solar eclipse.”

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If you’re wondering when we’ll be able to hope for a similar aerial view, the next total solar eclipse will be in March 2016 over South/East Asia and North/East Australia.

This article originally appeared on Yahoo Travel.