Eat What You Want Day: the best food day of the year

Leah Cohen

Possibly the best food day on the calendar, Eat What You Want Day is a guilt-free day you can, well, eat what the heck you want!

Craving some waffles with Nutella? No worries, coming right up! Feel like sinking your teeth into a mammoth burger with every topping imaginable? Your wish is our command.

Eat ice cream for breakfast, because you can. Photo: Instagram

Today is the one day on the food calendar you don't have to beat yourself up for eating one too many hot chips or gnawing on some pick-me-up chocolate in the afternoon.

Hell, if you want ice cream for breakfast, fried chicken for lunch and pancakes for dinner - be our guest! It's not like anyone cares anyway, right?

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So, to get your appetite going, here are some insanely delicious savoury and sweet dishes you won't be able to resist on such a day:

1. Korean Fried Chicken
Covered in a golden batter and served with a sweet chili sauce – what’s not to love?

2. Ice Cream French Toast
Ice cream on french toast - it's a game changer.

3. Lobster Bacon Mac and Cheese Roll
Can't decide whether to have a lobster roll or bacon and cheese burger? Here's your answer.

4. Panini Doughnuts
Replace your salad panini with this gorgeous guy.

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5. Fudgy Chocolate Brownie
Who can go past a warming oozy chocolate brownie paired with the ice cream flavour of your dreams?

6. The Ultimate 50-Ingredient Nachos
Why top your nachos with only a few ingredients when you could top it with 50 of your favourite?

7. Nutella Rice Krispies
So easy and quick to make, you'd be crazy not to try them!

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8. Sweet and Sour Short Ribs
Tender, fall-apart ribs with a sticky, umami marinade - sounds like finger-licking heaven!

9. Oreo and Nutella Calzone
Silky Nutella and Oreo crumbs all tucked into a thin crispy pocket of pizza dough. Um. Yum!

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