ED and Cardiovascular Disease Revisited?

A recent blog entry of mine concerned the relationship between the presence of erectile dysfunction (ED) and the possibility of systemic cardiovascular disease. I cited conclusions from several European studies indicating that ED has a substantial relationship with biochemical markers for heart disease and that ED can signal more advanced cases of coronary artery disease (that is, multiple blocked arteries).

Results of a large study (with 3,816 participants) emanating from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center and just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association re-emphasize this important relationship. Investigators tracked the incidence of a variety of cardiovascular problems and related them to the presence or absence of ED in each patient. They found that men who reported having ED either before or during the study had a 45 percent increase in risk for a cardiovascular event. Although, as I pointed out earlier, the link between ED and cardiovascular disease has been pretty well established, the extent of the relationship has not been recognized until now.

It is important to realize that ED itself does not mean that a man has cardiovascular disease. But the evidence cited above suggests that ED can serve as a marker for heart disease. What should you do to be careful about your health when being evaluated for ED? Ask your physician to also check your cardiovascular status. As we all know, ounces of prevention are worth pounds of cure.